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The term 'bush telegraph' originated in
Australia, probably influenced by
'grapevine telegraph'. That referred to the
informal network that passed information
about police movements to convicts who
were hiding in the bush. It was recorded in 1878 by an Australian author called Morris:

"The police are baffled by the number and activity of the bush telegraphs."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Introducing The Spunmachine - An open source research project

The staff of the Anzac Biscuit Research Laboratory are currently inventing the 'Spun Machine'.
Our new Australian invention will spin the world's socio/political spin until it's spun dry.
To help our staff get into the rhythm of their ground breaking work to intersect the communications of the didactic dichotomy which operates our political system and dominates our media landscape, Anzac Biscuit management have composed a 'Spun Machine' theme song. Throughout all departments of our operation, this song is the only track playing on our loud speakers - by the device of a never ending repetitive tape loop.Anzac Biscuit's Research Laboratory team are bopping up and down with joy, as the Spun Machine song is composed to the catchy jingle of the 'hokey pokey'. In the coming weeks, we'll be broadcasting our research developments here in preparation for the launching of
the Spun Machine ( version Australia I )

You can learn the lyrics to the 'Spun Machine' song as you listen to the hokey pokey music.

You put the right’s spin in
you put the right’s spin out
you put the right’s spin in
and the Spun Machine spins,
until the propaganda is all spun out
that's what the Spun Machine is all about!

You put the left’s spin in
you put the left’s spin out
you put the left’s spin in
and the Spun Machine spins,
until the propaganda is all spun out
that's what the Spun Machine is all about!

We use the Spun Machine
and we turn generation y around
from being stereotyped a 'Facebook generation'
into being a beat generation of the Internet,
we only need a handful of significant minds
that's what the Spun Machine is all about,


note 1 - Anzac Biscuit believes in open & closed source technology research.
Note 2 - when we put a public communicator's work in our spun machine....
...we put ourselves in the spin cycle with it...
...due to the voracity of our philosophies...
on the responsibilities regarding communication...

we step out of the spun circle
then let the public communicator's work
come out of the spun machine
and then who draws the could it be any other way?...
...we've got standards to re-set...

(watch this space)



THE SPUN MACHINE (version australia I)

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