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The term 'bush telegraph' originated in
Australia, probably influenced by
'grapevine telegraph'. That referred to the
informal network that passed information
about police movements to convicts who
were hiding in the bush. It was recorded in 1878 by an Australian author called Morris:

"The police are baffled by the number and activity of the bush telegraphs."

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The theatre play of ‘Our Progressive Corroboree – Our Meeting Place’ I wrote in 2008 with the title of ‘Our Brave New Dreamtime World’. The film of the same name I have written eleven drafts between 2014 and 2016 – the last draft in to be written collectively by a team of Indigenous Aboriginal and multi-cultural filmmakers. As in the theatre play where Iluka finds herself on a farm where the local Indigenous Aboriginal people have the freedom to practice their culture – in the film Iluka also leaves her boyfriend, in this instance in Eden New South Wales to travel to her and her parent’s land in Longreach Queensland where the property is shared between droving cattle and the elders schooling the young and living their culture; where the motto for life is ‘Shared Land – Our Meeting Place.’ In the film when Iluka discovers her pregnancy her husband Jeff travels with a party of family and friends from Eden to Longreach. When Iluka gives birth, the community come together to share their experiences for a future Australia based on their input into the ‘Utopian view of ‘Shared Land – Our Meeting Place’; before travelling as a community from Longreach Queensland back to Eden New South Wales. An establishment of a traditional track formed between celebration of two meeting places – Longreach to Eden – where in Eden the local Dairy farmer establishes his property on the principles of the Cattle Station in Longreach Queensland where education and natural living by the Indigenous people is adhered to. The local diary farmer is Rove McManus, who changes his name to Drover McManus in the spirit of the U.S.A. Cattle Station owner whom inspires a second ‘Shared Land our Meeting Place’. Tracks between meeting places how our Indigenous Aboriginal people lived before the coming of what I term ‘a less civilised civilisation’ in the British and future settlers, yet now in my theatre and film ‘Our Progressive Corroboree – Our Meeting Place’ – the traditional life of the and our Indigenous people has been re-established – with a track between two meeting places. As is the contemporary custom to respect the elders from the tribe of the land on which a cultural event is on, then the indigenous people to this land perform welcome to country, the multi-cultural officials then give what I term ‘a welcome back to country’ where the values of the comprehensive viewpoint of understanding of tracks to meeting places can be constructed amongst our township settlements with tracks to neighbouring township settlements –where education and lived experience can be socially interactive, recreated and adhered to in our contemporary age for our contemporary Indigenous Aboriginal people. Michel Paul Tuomy, Melbourne March 2017theatre and film ‘Our Progressive Corroboree – Our Meeting Place’ are understood. So a more 

The note for the declarations to Washington, Canberra and Paris

Dare to Dream As Two We can live out our dreams either alone with our friends, family and in our communities, yet in this modern world until we meet people we have not met before, whom will join together to share dreams, one entity or person alone can only live the present in a dream hinged by attachments to the people, the failures and the triumphs and the material and spiritual possessions of their past. When people meet in the present sharing with each other the tale of their cultural personal story, which living out their dreams have created together we can begin living out a reality composed of new dreams, arising from the dreams and nightmares which make up any past. Binding us in our future, not by living solitary dreams alone yet living encompassed by a unifing vision, generative by the design of a diverse conciliatory, reconciling society.