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Sunday, June 18, 2017

'The Commonwealth's more Communal way of life - the Communewealth'

It was a long time ago that the Sex Pistols wrote, sung and played music - to the lyrics of a 'facist regime' - meaning the Government and Royal Family of their native United Kingdom.  This article is first time I have aired the word 'Communeism' - don't jump to conclusions there are no 'Reds Under The Beds' and I am not threatening anyone or any political party living under our Commonwealth Constitution of Australia, with a radical new politic - rather an unthought of analysis of the contemporary modern age.

Capitalism the dominate political ideology we live under in Australia, I feel cannot be challenged in our political system, yet it can be better understood and thus applied by our unneedingly combative politicians.  In simple terms Capitalism is now a way of life which aims to bring a better quality of life.  Both our major political parties promote capitalism - the Liberal Party with an emphasis on economic prosperity and the Australian Labor Party with an emphasis of social policy and similarly to their opponents, our current Government, making sure their social policies do not harm or be seen to harm economic prosperity 

So as we look to the future - how are we as a country going to 'live the Australian dream?'
As I have already stated - Capitalism is for a better quality of life but what is the underbelly of Capitalism?  Quite simply the underbelly of Capitalism is Consumerism, allowing people to have enough money in their pockets to drive the ideology co-shared between our two major political parties, keeping the Capitalist wheels of the market place, I suggest contemporarily churning not turning, becuase of a lack of action on climate change.  Capitalism alone is no longer an Ideology alone, there is second ideology of consumerism   Can this dynamic in a subtle and challenging way, lead to a new frontier in Australian politics, with politicians driving a more advanced idealism, of and thus, for developing our cultural values on a larger and more intelligent scale? 

Many more people used to go to Church of a Sunday than they now do.  So where do people now go of a Sunday?  Spend time with their family and friends, or go to a Shopping Centre to spend money to build their material wealth for a more visual appealing comfort zone to live in.  This assessment may sound deriding, but with the industry of advertising promoting a blanket consumer way of live, I feel people are Consumer's who want a better quantity of life - so to me it is Capitalism - a quality way of life versus Consumerism a not better quality of life, but a 'questionable' more quantity driven way of life. 

People can live with luxuries- that is fine - but are we in contemporary Australian culture, somewhat blindly trying to keep up with the Joneses?  That section of society that live the luxurious way of life?  To my eyes and mind, people are somewhat blindly, by seeing what they want with their eyes, not  focusing on what family values their mind's would tell them, if their eyes on the media weren't saturated with the advertising industry's consumer philosophy. So what is this word Communeism and how does it relate to the Commonwealth and I contend the Commonwealth Royal Family?

When I was brought up there were three families lining a suburban roadway - yet the fences that separated our parent's properties were in no way fences to how we played together, we were a family of villages living out the Australian dream.  We called each other's parents Uncle and Aunty - so we were cousins, like in indigenous aboriginal culture, yet never until now have one of a family of eight children, made the extension that because our parent's were Uncles and Aunty's, that made us cousins!  Each Christmas morning we would gather in the family in the middle house.  We were cherished children and adolescents,.

This was  the origin of the word Communeism along with my lifelong relationship to tribal cultures.  Working with East Timorese in a factory, working and living in the Fijian community, studying to be monk in Tibetan Buddhism and now a writer of theatre and film with Indigenous Aboriginal themes.  These four cultures all living a more communal way of life than that which we live under contemporary political capitalism - and the hand in glove of this following - multi-cultural consumerism.

These four cultures once living freely with a tribal structure, where every member of the village is valued.  Like we live with Royalty, where Royalty is cherished by the majority of our Australian society.  How has Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh lived so long?  Because they have servants to serve them, societal responsibility and an under pinning intelligent way of caring for their citizens.  What if we were all royalty, showing a respect to duty to society that all member's of our Royal family show?  How on earth can that happen?  It can metaphorically, by every member of our society becoming aristocracy, yet only in my philosophy of capitalism and communeism! 

So I contend - at night everyone sleeps with their knight, and when they feel amorous they make love to their knight during the night - so inturn that means everyone is knighted a Sir or a Lady, and for those of us growing up, or unfortunately without a partner we are Prince and Princess' - in our love of life looking to be Sir's and Ladies - everyone in a bond of Aristocratic appointment and royal duty, with understanding of respect for Royalty leading to a more dignified political royal rule.

Living under the banner of the science of global warming that in our chicken political system cannot be seen to threaten the economic emphasis in political policy.  To me this has to change, or global warming will become 'global warning' and 'the global warning hour glass will wait for nobody or no nation'. 

Communeism - a philosophy established on how in my life, I related to villages and ancient tribal civilisations - and the history of our Royal family living with the greatest of respect.  Mindful of family values and those family values being shared to our neighbour's - with our extended family values.  So how will we as a society form a consumerism which is not for a quantity way of life but a quality way of life?

With now relatively peaceful country's as our neighbouring countries - by better understanding what we need to consume too stay alive as family members, extending family values to our neighbouring, state, national and international neighbours, so we can as a member of the Commonwealth and Communewealth nations living in the planetary community, live under a scientific understanding of the 'global warning hour glass' with more intelligent ethics in our ethos of unchallengeable Capitalism which understands a closer  relationship and teaching of our underpinning cultural values learnt from the Commonwealth Royal family and 'Communewealth Aristocratic families' replacing consumerism, rather than Political Capitalism feeding Societal Consumerism.

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