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"The police are baffled by the number and activity of the bush telegraphs."

Monday, June 19, 2017

E Business Proposals by Michel Paul Tuomy 19/7/2017


I have written to disseminate the code one must first embrace the code.  So how did I disseminate and embrace the code of the blog?  The heart piece of citizen journalism.  Now with citizen journalism on a blog you don't get background information when you view a blog, you get the latest social media news of what that citizen journalist is occupied with, unless you are interested enough in that person to browse through their blog.

Now I have invented an idea to be manufactured by your e business, a way of turning citizen journalists into their very own novelist.  Quite simply I went into the HTML code of my blog and cut and pasted my 'novelist not citizen journalist' contribution to the social media online community.

With my Novelist Blog/Chronicle first entry came first, then I cut and pasted my second entry so it became second not first, then I cut and pasted my third entry, so it became third not first and so on.

Could we imagine the potentialities of not a citizen journalist blog but each citizen being a novelist, with a history of who they are, like the great novelists of previous ages and our time?  Students each reading a novel of their classmates as bona-fide writers?  Or for primary age children a daily rolling history of the uniqueness of their days.  The elderly sharing with family and friends the stories of their lives?

To be novelists on the internet is a simple proposition - which I don't believe anyone has ever invented.  I am open to questions and discussion re- my first e product for our age.


The speed of technology is like Capitalism in our classrooms.  Placing words in a search engine is educational for spelling but then with a choose of links the student goes directly to the Interface of the Internet home page they are searching for, or if unfound click on another search engine result or they type in different words in a search engine for another search.

Quite simply the educational server makes the student type in the website address, rather than just giving them that website address, after a number of letters typed in or with a click of their computer or mouse, on a search engine result.  The educational server is about raising literacy standards and slowing down technology for an appreciation of academic understanding of gaining information.

I am open to questions and discussion re - my second E-Business product for our age.


Look at my facebook homepage for your investigation of what I have interpreted and what are your understandings?

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